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Generator work good but slow


Thanks for the hack, now the game is even better ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks


Nice, thanks





Raphael id
Raphael id

thanks nice job

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Gangstar Vegas โ€“ the land of notorious mobsters!

Here it is! One of the best crime cities in the mobile universe, which is going to make you shake from the extreme action and dynamic play. Gangstar Vegas gameplay gives an amazing experience filled with thievery, fighting, shooting, racing, and many, many more. With...

Gangstar Vegas โ€“ the City of Sin!

Gangstar Vegas is a mafia game that is just perfect for all the people who dream of becoming a fearless and well-respected crime lord. What is even better, the Gangstar Vegas gameplay gives you the chance to experience all of this, but without the gruesome...

Gangstar Vegas – About the game

Gangstar Vegas (known as Gangstar 4 or Gangstar 4: Vegas) is a video game with an open world and a lot of action and adventure. This Android and iOS game developed by Gameloft studio is the fifth main game from the Gangstar family and its release date was June 7, 2013. The title preceding this game was Gangastar Rio: City of saints succeeding title is Gangstar New Orleans.

Main play area in Gangstar Vegas game is modern and very famous city of Las Vegas located in Nevada. The main hero in this game is Jason Malone, a very good, skilled MMA who has problems with Frank Veliano and becomes his main target after winning in a match that he had to lose. The game in many aspects is similar to Grand Theft Auto series and it also includes elements from driving games and third person shooters. The game play is attractive and interesting for all players who love games with open world. It means that every player gets more control over playing experience.

At the time of its release, Gangstar Vegas received many mixed reviews from players and critics. People were not happy about laggy graphics, problems with animation and annoying, very frequent updates. There were also good reviews for music and very good, extensive use of 3D graphics, so in opinion of many players, this game was an improved version of the previous title. The game has also earned a large commercial success, having been downloaded about 50 million times for both iOS and Android devices.

Gangstar Vegas is a game with a similar structure in comparison with previous titles from the series. In many aspects, it is also similar to many Grand Theft Auto games. It offers a very large play area that is the largest open world in Gangstar series according to information provided by Gameloft. The game is entertaining, because it offers the main storyline with many free play modes and side activities. The main character is able to participate in bank robberies, street racing or illegal, underground fighting tournaments. The game also allows for acquiring businesses and earn money from them. The city of Las Vegas is the main area of this game, so it is nothing strange that it includes many casino minigames. Players can play video poker, blackjack and slot machines. They are also allowed to visit night clubs and convenience stores.

Gangstar Vegas includes some practical and attractive updates and additions. They were added after official release of the game and they make it more entertaining. One of the most important update was Saints Row-esque Gangstar vs. Aliens pack and there were also a nice Christmas update with some new clothes and original vehicles like rocket-powered sleigh. Gangstar Vegas is a free to play game that offers additional, bonus content that can be purchased with the use of micro transactions. Some players and critics were not very happy about problems like frequent updates, small amount of weapons, vehicles, costumes and aboit problems with graphics, but the game as a whole received positive opinions. It is an entertaining game with a plot of MMA fighter that escapes from Mafia, because he won the match that he had to lose. It is ideal only for older teenagers and adult players, because of violence. Its open world allows for many opportunities to have fun.